Causes of the civil war?

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This is goofy, but check it anyway.
1965 - Vietnam war
1910 - WW1
1855 - Close to civil war
1800 - Close to war of 1812
(Dates 55 years apart.)

1945 - WW2
1890 - (almost continuous war)
1835 - (almost continuous war)
1780 - American revolution
(Dates 55 years apart.)

This list is from a fellow named Kondratieff who was actually an economist trying to analyze stock prices. Nobody has offered any other reason for the civil war: it was just time for a war!

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The American Civil War erupted in 1861 after seven southern states broke away from the Union, soon to be followed by four more. These 11 formed the Confederacy. The continuance of slavery was one of the principal issues between the North and the South. It was argued by the wealthy southern planters that the North could afford to abolish slavery, since its economy was sustained by thousands of European immigrants. The southern economy, however, based on cotton, needed its nearly four million slaves in order to prosper. At least, that is what they believed.

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