I am a 26 year old women living with chronic head pain. I got diagnosed with chronic migraines with aura a month or so ago (for anyone who doesn't know what aura is it's when you have visual disturbances like jagged lines and not at looking things that move) and the medicine the doctors give me has not been working. I'm frustrated and upset because they impact my life on a daily basis. For example I don't have a social night life because I'm too tired by the end of the day. I can't move around too much because that could trigger them. And its hard for me to have relationships with people when your head always hurt. You just want to lay in bed and stay away from lights and large crowds. It can really stress you out and stuff. I had a past history of addiction. I was diagnosed with Add when I was 17 and then was put on adrenal. When I was 18 I got depressed and I starting have other issues like depression and high anxiety. I turned 19 and that's when I started abusing my Adderall prescription. It was until I was about 21 that it was really having an effect on my body. Then one day I said enough of this Adderall and I stopped taking it cold turkey. That was three years ago and ever since than I have had chronic migraines. Its been a struggle dealing with pain in my head all the time. When I partied I would party too hard and I think that I did some damage to my nervous system. I'm really discouraged and saddened by this. The one thing I am very grateful for is that I have a roof over my head and going to bed every night early is not a bad way to live. But I'm wondering why my head is in pain all the time. Is anyone going through this? Please let me know I need more information on this whatever may be the cause or the cure. I'm in a lot of pain and when your constantly have pressure on your head it makes you feel like you can't think. I just really want some relief from the pressure its just not good. Please reach out me I'm suffering, let me know if you are going through something similar. I'm seeing a therapist and he might be able to help. But thought this might be a good place to start.
Thanks if you read this and reply.