Has anyone joined the United States Coast Guard? I am currently considering joining the Coast Guard active duty for 10 years and then transitioning over to either Air National guard or reserves.

The reason for this is the 10 years I am in I can save for retirement. I can put about 50% of all my pay and allowances into a retirement fund so when I get out at the age of 35-36 I will have a decent amount of cash saved up for retirement and then I was going to get my RN license after getting out and working as a registered nurse untilI I am 60 years old and putting in about 15% of my check into the savings as well. During this time I will work in the Air National Guard working towards my retirement. My question is do you feel this is a good idea or should I just neglect this and stick with getting my paramedic now in the civilian world and going Air national guard while working at the fire department? I am just worried I will not be able to retire with a good amount of savings. Is it possible to achieve my paramedic while in the Coast Guard?

I am honestly just overally concerned with retirement in the future that I want to be able to retire comfortably and not have to worry about working again but I am 25 years old and till havent started saving and that worries me a little.