Commodity type is like beauty in the eyes of beholder. Why?

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Yesterday I was unaware of my own actions, but today I am self aware!
We all must consciously choose what is of value to ourselves.
I choose to obey the law, I choose to avoid lying, I choose to love my family, I choose to better myself, I choose because I am self-aware.

Commodity type is like beauty in the eyes of beholder because it is either formed of biases created by our experiences or it is made of personal choice and self-awareness.. But honestly, your question is open for interpretations that may extremely vary.

The Twilight Zone did an episode where this one woman was bandaged for cosmetic surgery. They revealed the woman at the end of the episode and she was beautiful like Emma Stone, but the rest of society had different facial features, so society considered her a monster. The society all looked like freaks, but the bandaged woman looked the way most of us consider attractive. Anyway, my answer is just an opinion because there seems to be no one answer to this question.

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