I’ve been reading all kinds of “reports” on the internet about Cooperative Yard Sales being a scam and it makes me laugh, I just can’t believe that people don’t know how to make a difference. I mean there are a lot of real scam alerts on the internet about people USING THEIR NAME to scam other people but my advice to these people is either you read the reports and make a difference, or stay off the internet.

There are people saying that sellers on Craigslist or eBay asks the buyers to send the payment directly to them and they claim to sell things through cooperative-yardsales.com but they are not, they have almost identical websites and even send fake “legit looking” emails like in all cases (PayPal scams, eBay scams) etc.
I mean really guys, if you are scammed on eBay by some guy, do you blame eBay or yourself? Do you even see how many people actually used the actual service and are happy with it? Do you even read their testimonials and the dates they are from?
Cooperative Yard Sales has a BIIIG warning on their website and even here with red so anybody can see and leading people on HOW TO USE THE REAL DEAL, but people don’t know and if they are taken by a scammer or even find a scammer on craigslist saying they use coop, they blame the whole service for this, maybe the guy you are talking to is a scammer maybe its not, but verify your transaction, contact their customer support, see if they have the seller or not.

I just can’t believe this and this makes me wonder why the internet exists and why people are using it if they don’t know how to read a warning and stay safe by following the tips, and blame the service if they are scammed because it’s their fault.