I have to write an essay for English that is due tomorrow at 9am on the dot and I got most of it done I have an intro and 2 body paragraphs. I just need a conclusion so if anyone has any idea for a conclusion and a title as well also i need a thesis could you help me. the essay is below if someone has a conclusion, thesis and a title on hand could you please answer my question? thank you.
In literature theme is the idea or moral of the story, The author uses theme for inspiration for the piece of literature they are writing or have written. In "The Overcoat" by Nikolai Gogol the reader notices quite a few themes.
One theme in the short story "The Overcoat" was death. Death was one of the themes because in the story the main character Akaky a Russian goverment copiest gets a new overcoat because his old one was beginning to come apart. Akaky gets the new overcoat and everything in his life seems to change, for example before Akaky got the new overcoat he was teased and insulted at work by his coworkers, but after Akaky goes to the tailor and gets a new overcoat the other employers feelings toward him change they are much nicer and want to be his friend, one guy even invites Akaky back to his place. Akaky is happier than ever and goes to the get together. Late at night as Akaky is walking home he is attacked and robbed of his overcoat. He goes to the cops but has no luck with them once so ever. So Akaky then goes to the head of person of consequence also known as the VIP for help but the VIP waves him off, refusing to help him. Akaky dies in bed from frostbite while being outside without his overcoat on (Gogol 123-33).
Another theme in the short story "The Overcoat" is identity. Identity is another theme because in the short story the main character Akaky's identity is determined by his appearance. The overcoat that Akaky wears determines his idenity because in the story Akaky wears this overcoat which is beginning to fall apart. This overcoat that Akaky wears is the target of mean words by the other clerks, calling the overcoat a cape. Akaky goes to the tailor in hopes of getting the overcoat sewn back together but has no luck for the tailor tells Akaky that the coat is impossiable to fix because if he even tried to sew it together it would rip the coat even more and make the problem worse. The tailor tells Akaky that it is time to get a new overcoat, Akaky is skeptical about getting a new overcoat because of how expensive they are and they can not be afforded with the money he makes from being a copiest, Akaky decides he needs the overcoat and saves up his money, When Akaky finally saves enough money for a new overcoat, the tailor sews one for him. Akaky wears the overcoat once the tailor is finished and his life seems to change (Gogol 116-123). The overcoat was an important part in Akaky's life so after the overcoat was stolen Akaky had no point in living because the overcoat was his idenity and since his overcoat was stolen it felt like his idenity was stolen as well.