What level of accountability do you think that the soldiers (on both sides) are taking for what is happening? Or, do you think it is complete complicity? Do you think they view their actions with any culpability or do you think there is complete denial in any responsibility? In what ways do you think the Russian soldiers see profit in the actions? In what ways has each side been discriminatory against the other side?

Do you think that Putin is more authoritarian or hegemonic? Does he have more power or authority?

In what ways do you feel the laws of war have been violated? What 'crimes against humanity' have been committed? Has the paramilitary forces, on either side, crossed lines under rules of war? Which human rights, specifically, do you think have been violated and in what ways?

To what extent do you believe any level of dehumanization has been reached and it what ways?

Do you think the events fall closer under classicide or politicide? Why?

How close do you believe actions have come to reaching the definition of genocide? In what specific ways have this definition been met or come close to being met?

Obviously, a key element that would necessary for it to be considered genocide is intent. Do you (this is obviously personal opinion) think that Putin has had, at any time during this, any intent of wiping out a population or destroying nation by the deliberate killing of the vast majority of its populations?

There are a lot of reasons why there hasn't been any drastic interventions done. In your opinion, has this been wise or unwise?