So, i have trouble waking up in the morning, i feel so exhausted doing so little, and i've worked 6 years to get to this school, because i love it. And now i'm nearly being thrown out of it because i don't meet up that much, depression really hit hard this second time, my parents don't believe me, they don't take me seriously at all, i don't know what to do. They've even began threatening me about being moved to another family, because they possibly don't want me anymore, Because i'm "Ruining their lives"...
Why would they pressure me to go to school if i can't even wake up in the morning, and then say i'm ruining their lives when they're basically pressuring me!
I don't know what to do anymore, i feel so hopeless and lost.
I've talked with a therapist before, hasn't helped.
Yes, i have medicine, but it's not for depression, and i don't want any meds against depression, i want to come out of depression the "realistic" and "healthy" way. (No offense if any of you have taken pills of course, i just never really liked pills..)
No, i'm not getting bullied i guess you can say, but theres still some people in the school that are annoying, i have 3/5 friends in the school, 3 of them i never talk to, 2 of them i talk to everyday.
I want to be alone, yet at the same time i don't want to.
I want to go to school, yet at the same time i CAN'T.
I don't know what to do anymore, i'm sorry if i'm overreacting but, i'm getting nowhere, and maybe i will get moved to another "family" and i don't want that to happen, i'm so tired of all this, i need a break but i can't have one because i'm pressured to go to school.
I don't know what to do.