Okay so last year I had this friend. Let's call him James. During the start of the year he would supposedly "flirt" with me in my Art class. It wasn't until my friend told me about that I began to reconsider if he was just a friend or something more. So I realized I had feelings for him and I began to fall head over heels. Being a shy girl, I'm not really bold enough to come out and explain to him how I feel. He occasionally "flirted" here and there. But it wasn't until after Winter break that I then had no classes with him. James would sometimes talk to me in the hall or make a hilarious joke in our little group. Then word got out that I liked him. One of my "friends" told him, which made him ask all of them. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I wasn't thinking straight, so I went up to him one day and said, "I don't like you. My friends made that up because I wouldn't tell them who I liked. Come on," I smiled, "You know me better." He kinda smiled and said I know and okay. After that I rarely talked to him. Immediately after I felt horrible for two reasons. I might have hurt him and I lied. I think he moved on though. He's been giving two other girls a lot of attention(But they don't feel the same). Now I'm going to become a freshman and I miss him so much. I let my shyness get the best of me. I feel terrible for what I did and it eats away at me everyday. I don't even look at anyone else. But even with all that I think he has a tiny amount of feeling for me left. If someone can take the time to answer my questions I would really appreciate it.