I just dislocated and popped my elbow back in extremely fast, as soon as it happened, my arm had a shot of tingles and a prick like feeling, almost like when your foot falls asleep, my whole arm went like numb and dead almost and as soon as it popped back in. It came back normal, I thought everything was fine until I kept feeling the tingles every once and a while, when I would move it a certain way and now my arm is like pulsing occasionally, when ever I try pulling my arm to my shoulder, as if lifting a weight, my arm will immediately shoot back and tingle again with either blood loss or blood flow I can't tell. I am worried and don't know if I should just wait it out or not. My wrist has a pulse and my hand is working good at the moment but I am still worried that if I sleep and leave it over night, something might happen like it loses blood flow. PLEASE Help me, I don't know what to do.