I got really mad and broke my girl friends phone in a fit of rage.
I am offering her to replace her i phone 4s with the same model but she is of the mind that i should compensate her the purchase value $450.00 one year ago. I feel that the replacement value of $150.00 is more fair and that her model now costs, and not the replacement value. She had a tenant move out unexpectedly leaving her without two months rent which is close to $900.00. The tenant found and stole her rental agreement document leaving her without proof of occupancy. On her phone she had text message proof of occupancy and proof of money owed so that she could take her to small claims court. Now my girlfriend feels like she is not able to recoup this money because I destroyed the only proof she had left. I feel she is crazy to think that a few text messages is going to recoup that money in small claims court and is not even worth the time and money it takes to peruse a lawsuit and would do better to keep her paperwork for tenants more secured and to learn to let it go. This is causing a lot of relationship issues currently and we need some good responses to help solve our issue.