Do we need a university degree to ensure success in our career?

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i don't think a university degree is vital to ensure success in a career. if you have the correct connections, a good career is relatively easy to obtain. however, a university degree would be most helpful, although it is not a must.

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It's often a prerequisite to starting a career but if you're lucky enough to get on the ladder without it, soon your experience becomes more important than a degree. I got my current job based solely on experience and I dropped out of university without getting a degree. So did Bill Gates, and he didn't do too badly.

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well i can say that is a case to case basis because some people although they don't earned a degree but still became successful like Bill gates I think that depends on the kind of people you are because for me it does not necessary that you need to have a degree to be successful

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If you live in America, you definitely do. As the competition for jobs is increasing, more education is needed, and the standards have been raised. I mean if you are working a simple job like at a restaurant, then no. But if you plan on doing something in the medical, education, business fields, yes! If you are still not sure, get it because it won't hurt, it will make you look better.

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