Do you believe in love?

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yes of course i do believe in love because without love we would not understand each other must specially we could unit each other so through love we may able to respect other and protect other and able to produce child because of love.

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i agree with u

i love believe in love cuz me and my bf been dating for 2 months and it going good even though we r in 7th i will always lve him lve u bae forever and always

totally agree wd u..

love is just a state of temporary insanity.........i believe in true love and true love does not exist, true love is when the feeling is mutual but that doesn't happen

me too, i believe love, because with out love everything is useless. love can make happy, peace and respect.

I agree with you to. Love is real.

only when you love the right person in your life

True love last forever. I have ex's I still love till this day but they don't love me I believe

ya i agree and love is like magic its friendship its what makes u happy and its way more

Yeah I agree, although I fell in love with someone who was moving houses so I won't see him again...:'(

-meant to schoolgirl

I doubt 7th grade love prospers
Youll be over before you know it

Then again theres that smallest chance you can be in love but I doubt it.

im all in for it,i believe in love as much as anybody does

Love is abstract. I think that "true love" happens very rarely. 1 in a million. People fall in "love" because the want to fall in love and be with someone that looks after them etc. True love is blind. The love that we see today or mostly is rational. It's your own choice. You chose your lover by the way he looks or talks but I personally think it is not the same love we see on the television. And to answer you question, I do believe in love (the feeling)

There's different type of love.for younger ones believe it's more is like seasons,n everything is temporary

yes i do


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I do Believe in love. the love i have for my boyfriend right now tells me he is the one for me until i die anyones opinoin to me does not matter. we both have our disagreements on things but thier is still love between us. fighting is actually healthy for a stronger relationship. for those who fight alot and wonder if echother are ment to be?....... just be strong and know that it doesn't always have to be a big deal.........its just the nature of love.

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it's just the nature of love, sounds like the title of a hit ,I recommend you take the time and put pen to paper.

Yes,i believe in love.

Technically love is a secretion of hormones. a bunch of chemicals in your body to make sure the human race continues. So yes technically love exists. But I don't think this is all it is. Love is being able to be with someone who makes you honestly happy. (This doesn't have to be in a romantic way) Love is being able to laugh without worrying how terrible it sounds. Love is being able to not cake your face with makeup or buy the most expensive clothes you can find to impress them. Love is not a thousand pictures on Instagram of you cuddling. Love is so much more. Love is being able to live your life... not having to worry, and when you do worry, Love should be a comfort. And you may have noticed that I capitalized the word Love. I did this on purpose;) I think of love as a mood. Not "in love" but just Love. You see if you can honestly say you are loved, or you do love, whether its by a person or your dog, every thing in life seems happier. Its not really, its just your attitude. For example, if you had just a horrible day, and nothing seems to be going your way knowing you are truly loved is a comfort. So in conclusion everyone has the ablility to love and to be loved. Even if it doesn't seem like it. LOVE DOES EXIST.

Bro u are so right I was like oh ma god and I died

Its obvious you are a teenager. Because solid, mature, loving relationships don't fight. There is no need for it and its not healthy.

Of course!

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i do believe....everyone does but some people say that they don't because of their past

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Yea but eventually its gonna end

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y so negative?? ya love may end when your dead, but it really depends on what kind of love it is.

Good things dont last for ever :(

Unless it's just that strong.


i don't know but love wont last forever i can tell you that

Every relationship end in pain and misery.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Will White99 yeah I agree

Oh come on....i alway being love...(sigh) is what you feel....duh....

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yes i do so much believe in love because love refreshes my heart and also gives joy to my soul.

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I believe in love 100%

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Love is a real bad misunderstanding between 2 totally confused people!

yes but people must try hard to find it

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I definatly believe in love.. The meanings, and the experiances with it vary per individual Hearts have been broken, cheaters and liars have ruined peoples ideas about this topic.. Me included, but that doesnt necessarily mean that LOVE doesnt exist. I believe in it, and when it comes for real, it'll hit u hard...

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yaa! love can be happen at any time with anyone.

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Yes of course I believe in love ......

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yes i believe in love, it's much sweeter when love, loves you back.

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