I'm no good making friends and I'm way better off alone. I feel sad and it's like there's a hole where my soul should be and I started with self-destructive habits to forget the pain that my parents cause me. I think they both hate me, they prefer my younger brother and sometimes I feel terrible for being an awful sister to him, I wish I could be better, you know? I have no interest in doing stuff that I used to love, so many things have changed...I feel guilty all the time for, sometimes, hating my brother even tho he's not the one to blame. He's only 8 years....I'm thirteen years btw and I've though about killing myself so many times, I just don't know what to do anymore it feels like the sky is falling down....I'm thinking about going to a psychologist but I really don't know if it's gonna help, can you please give your opinion if it's worth it?