Does anyone know of Protection Service acct being able to remotely access Android devices?

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Protection Services is a division under Android Authority that uses Teamviewer to remotely restore damaged devices and find lost/stolen phones.

I knew a buddy that worked there and used their services before.

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I just bought a refurbished phone from Amazon but they were logged in to phone saying they could still remotely access device including pics, emails, videos, etc. how is this?

They are usually disconnected after restoring phone. However, if they are still connected to your phone just simply sign them out and they wont be able to access phone anymore without your permission.

How to log them out and keep them from accessing phone again? This is really troubling after just purchasing the phone how could this be!?

Its simple just open Teamviewer or Host app and sign them out. If you are really worried about it just uninstall any Teamviewer apps from your phone. These apps are what you would use to allow them to tap into your phone and fix whatever problem you have without having to be there.

I wouldn't worry about it you disconnect them if you want but its already been paid for you could just email them and let them know you are new owner you may need their service.

I never heard of them.. I would email them and see why they are trying to access your phone and contact whoever you bought the phone from and see why they would sell you the phone like that.

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Yeah I tried that still waiting for a response.. this is really concerning to me!

Your fine mate just sign them out they wont be able to access your phone anymore they only use it to restore the phone they should have been signed out already

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Like I said they need permission to access your phone once you sign them out they cant access it anymore

I haven't used them before but I have used other companies that use Teamviewer to access phone to update rom and root the phone

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I say just sign them out and delete the app they cant access your phone anymore after that

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Hey honey I agree with @TechGuy990 just sign them out and you should be fine no telling why they were still logged into ur phone probably just forgot to disconnect.. hope that helps

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If you purchased the phone refurbished the company you got it from probably used them to restore the phone it could have been bricked or the rom damaged from trying to change bootloader or root the device. It was probably an honest mistake not to disconnect from device. Just log them out and your good to go I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I root alot of my phone and have used services like these before.

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No prob

Never heard of them but I dont want nobody trying to remote access my phone

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