Does Jake Russell of the band June Rain have a girlfriend?

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several- just his luck

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This girlfriend crap is disrespecting the genius of his music and does not belong here..its cheesy and embarressing..listen to some junerain and grow up

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You're the one who posted the question

Why do uou keep making email accounts in different names to post your ridiculous questions and answers? It's only obvious who is writing this stuff Jake.

Nice try

Who cares? Who is Jake Russell and June Rain anyway?

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You posted the question

Like 6 times, soo..

We both know Jake didn't have post that, how lame!

Now you're his girlfriend, so what? I'm #&%$@ing your boyfriend, how ya like that??

Ha ha, you wish. As if he is that desperate. sorry i got caught up in this festival of stupiity
.you dont need it or deserve it and you are right, i know where i stand amd dont have to prove myself to anyone.i love you and i apologize.ythank you for ther.f.c.c.m.w. xxx

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4 girls who are friends with benefits, 1 girl who knows him, 3 that think he is going to marry them and 1 bitter, jealous old bitch who thinks she's the only one

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