I noticed I look better with what I was created with versus changing my appearence for others to like me. My hair looks bad if I straighten it and only looks nice for 2 days if a hairdressers flat irons it, but since my hair is shoulder length because I cut it, it gets flat and makes my face look bad and not chubby. Back when I used to wear makeup or foundation to hide my scars on my face, it always looked too light on my face and became greasy and started making my skin look much older until I finally stopped, same with
lipstick, I looked like I had hooker lips everytime I wore lipstick and mascara would make my eyes look strange and never bold considering I naturally have thin or small eyes. My face look good with a natural moisturizer like oil, rather than wearing makeup and fake moisturizers like lotion and gel. Even with my hair, natural hair is better than a weave, the reason so many people think our hair is fake is because we straighten it. Black hair was not meant to be straight, and most black girls dont know how to take care of the hair, all you have to do is wash it with a shampoo meant for black hair and than condition and rinse with cold water, instead they claim its too hard. They claim weaves and braids are protective style, no thats self hatred. Seriously people would stop making fun of us black girls if we wore our NATURAL HAIR and TOOK CARE OF IT and grew it out and stop damaging it with hear.