Hey guys,
I have to do this project and need to do a questionnaire as a crucial element
Could you help me out by answering the six questions below.
My project is focused on how movies have come become less historically accurate to make them entertaining; and I'm using Wonder Woman as an example to show that the values concerning women in the 2017 film, are not accurate in the values concerning women of the film's context (which i think is 1918 (please correct me if I'm wrong)). So that's a very brief explanation of my project, but I need help!

(these questions are concerning the Wonder Woman 2017 film)
1) What time period is it set?
2) What were the values (concerning women) of that time? How did men treat women in that time? Does she accurately portray these values? Does she portray our modern values or the values of the time it's set? How does she portray these values?
3) As a woman in that context, how is she portrayed?
4) As a superhero, how is she portrayed?
5) How does she interact amongst men? How is she respected? Is she respected?
6) What's her role amongst men? eg. leader, follower

Thanks, I really appreciate it!