... takes it to the next level by either attacking me or he ll say the most vile things to. And when he does fight he never wants to stop until he gets held back by my mom. And even then he ll go all out just to hurt me.
2) He avoids me in every way possible. For instance if I enter a room he ll leave and when I leave he ll go back. Or he ll swear to himself if i enter the room or he ll close his ears for him not to hear my presence.
And when he comes back from school I m usually home first he ll start swearing loudly cos he noticed that I m home first
3)He usually runs up or down the stairs sometimes during the day. And he does a weird routine. I don t know how to explain but it s like he ll take his pants down then sits then he puts it back on and he repeat this again. Or he ll move his legs from inside the bed to outside the bed repeatedly. And he turns of the light on or off.

This all started even since we first started fighting physically. My mom wont get him help as she s busy as a mom of four kids. I ve called the police recently the last two times but they don t do anything but calm the situation down. I don t know what to do cos I feel as if he ll kill me. Please help