So I've had this guy friend for a while now, and he means a lot to me. We share a lot of things in common and stay up all night chatting about various issues. However he happens to have a girlfriend and I think she suspects him of liking me or something. We mockingly say I love you to each other and we only mean it sarcastically.. *atleast that's what I think :P * Lately I've got these vibes that he likes me? And as much as I avoid talking about it, we banter a lot but it doesn't feel the same way any more... It feels as though both of us are holding back feelings for each other.
And now all of a sudden he just stopped replying to my messages. I value him as a friend and I don't want anything to come in the way of our friendship. It's really awkward between the two of us now. I only want to know what can possibly be on his mind. The last convo we had, we were joking and he stopped replying midway.