Throughout 3-2 yearsI used to be a girl who was easily laughed at, I was also immature for doing some meaningless things, talking to the wrong guys too. I made lots of mistakes in my life which led people to talk about me behind my back. I got into a relationship with someone I really loved but people ruined it by talking about me and insulting me. Eversince those incidents, I feel like I’m no longer this excited girl to stay alive. I feel like I just don’t belong here and everybody hates me. I’ve changed a lot and it’s been 1 year since i havent spoke to a guy because Im technically scared to be with someone who would judge me based on what people say. I’m now extremely nice to everyone, i don’t gossip about anyone, and im fully aware of what i do and how i act. However, i wake up everyday feeling paranoid. If someone avoids me i get really paranoid and begin on wondering. I really want to get out of this and sometimes i just wanna leave this country in order to start with a new page but it’s not that easy to do so. I’ve never hurt anyone but I don’t get why people are full of hate.. I respect everyone and help anyone who is in need, too. I just need help with knowing how to solve this. I want people to stop talking about me because it’s ruining my reputation and affecting my happiness in life if anyone can please help me how to get out of this i would really appreciate it