Hello, I want an expert suggestion for buying electric guitar amplifier. I am a begginer,please help

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go with something cheap if youre a beginner, get time to know the instrument, and the equipment for it. self teach yourself, if youre being serious about music.

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An electric guitar is whatever you make of it, so you have to learn a few things before you can do that. Go to a guitar store and buy a beginner setup.

Here is some information. You don't need to memorize this, or even understand it, just be aware that there are some details inside your instrument.

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Dont skimp out on this purchase, but dont break the bank either!
Amps are the main part of a good tone/sound.
Depending on where your playing, for a beginner i would go for a
Combo amp (amp and speaker/s in one)
Dont get caught up with the whole "valve" snobbery
Just yet, look for a good solid state amp.
They usually have built in effects you can have fun with like the
Line 6 variety.
Small 10w to 20w practice amps can be cheap and get pretty loud
But in my opinion i would get something around 30 to 50w as the
Speaker/s are a little bigger and it wont sound like your playing through
A tin can.
Most can be tamed with the main volume for bedroom level and some
Have a power soak knob on the back so you can dail down the power
Input to keep the nice deep and full sound.
Some tips from experience-
If you have a guitar, take it into your music store
And walk in with a budget, stick to it!
If you see signs saying dont touch, tell the clerk you want to buy an amp
And youre not paying a cent untill you hear YOU playing it. If he says no,
Walk out!

Dont buy- an mg marshall, a peavy bandit or a small roland cube
These guys are good brands but those models are in almost all
Shops and sound horrible with faults galore!

Try- vox valvtronix (not the model that ends in xl), fender champs,
Line 6 spider IV
Again, try em, if it sounds good to you, buy it.

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