Hello, i need help and i heard that you are the best about advices.. so i hope you'll help me !
Tuesday afternoon, my best guy friend and i went to his empty house, like always, to take a break after school. He has a vodka bottle in his bag. We got drunk. We had fun, this is the first time we got drunk alone, we said many nice things to each other, we talked about our old fights, we cried saying that we love each other as friends, and we're not going to fight anymore. but then, i don't know how but it just happened, we made out and kissed a bunch of times, I’ve always thought he was really hot and I’ve always had a little crush on him, but never think that this could happened. This is the first time we’ve kissed and made out. We talked about it, laughing about what we did is wrong and made sure that nothing is going to change.. and yeah nothing is awkward at all. It’s like nothing even happened, but the next day at the same time and at the same place we did the same thing without saying a word but this time we are not drunk we just did it ..it begins with tickles goes to kissing ends up with making out. we didn't talk about the 2nd. Again, it isn’t awkward at all. But we became looking at each other a little too long to be just friends.. we became touching each other a little too long to be just friends.. we didn't talk about that ( more hugs, more touches, more looks). But i can’t stop thinking about it. I know we were drunk that day and people aren’t in the right frame of mind when they’re like that but we did it again.. and we both don't know why .. but is there a chance he may have some feelings towards me? I really do like him and our behaves only made those feelings stronger. And i know that he enjoyed all of that.. but we can't be more than best friends .. it can't just change like that i can't risk our friendship .. No one will accept our relationship, our exes ( his ex was my best friend and my ex was his best friend too) our friends no one ..his ex still love him but he don't, my ex too..
One day we mae a joke and we told our friends that we are in a relationdhip, and the reaction axplains everything .. they think that we are doing a wrong thing and it can't be .. if it even happend to be in a realtionship with him what to do with our friends but first how i will know his true feelings it's hard to just go and talk to him cuz deep down we both know that this is wrong and no one will let us be together .. PLZ ..What do I do?
i am so confused .. and we promise each other to not tell anyone but i told my best girl best friend that she is not friends with him and she told me to back off.. but i can't .. HELP !