I have minecraft pe. Once, I wuz bored so I searched herobrine seeds for minecraft pe. I used jpgaming (if any "herobrine hunters want to investigate, go 1 block fwd from spwn, and a handful of blocks dwn. This is Herobrine's cave.). I found the cave and made a staircase into it using netherbrick stairs (I wuz on creative). I built a temple around it w/netherrack, budder, glowstone, and netherbrick. I know he's there because it said "your server has restarted". I wasn't on a server, so this is how I know he's there even though I haven't seen him. Then the server message appeared on a survival world I was playing that had nothing to do with herobrine. All of this is on pe. My avatar has the name "Stevie". I know this isn't normal because I had set it to "Sam the Alpaca", and I know that the default name is Steve. Should I somehow get the survival seed, delete the app, and start over? Please help I'm scared. This is serious, so please don't say he's not real or any other unhelpful crap like that.