... seems to be nothing wrong with him. When I first bought him he had a cage partner and now he doesn't. Could he be lonely, or is he just bored? I hold him everyday, but he's young and fairly energetic for an African-fat tailed gecko.He is the same gecko I asked about earlier. I got him from my local Petco, and he looked like he had been mistreated. His humidity at the time was low, and they said the wound on his head was from them pulling off his shed(which I suposed was done not at all so gently) which revealed a wound that showed the bone of his head, so I took him home. So it may also be because he still doesn't really trust people,although I've had him 3 months. He's done it now several times, but I still don't understand because we've already started a bond. Any tips to stop this would be greatly appreciated