... another christian site of course because i want two opinions.... but anyways I have experienced some weird stuff in my house. First night we moved into our house my family and I heard a loud nice but found nothing that caused the noise. We all kind of just let that go but a few months after that some weird stuff started happening to me personally. From waking up to scratches on my body and from feeling something grab my foot. One night i even felt something was very off and decided to go sleep in my brothers room and i saw something inside his closet move and it seemed like something was inside the closet moving stuff on the top shelf. But this all stopped but a few weeks ago i had a dream about a poltergeist. This kind of creeped me out but i pushed it a side. But a few mornings ago i woke up to me holding my old bible. I dont even remember where i had my bible before this. And then the next night i had a dream about another poltergeist. And then that dream was followed by a dream about me finding my christian faith......... but im wondering am i waking up to my christian faith, does this all have natural explanations, or should i be worried that a demonic presence is in my house