I am a student getting my Bachelor's degree in Health Information Management. For an assignment, I need to interview a HIM Professional or HIM Company.I was wondering if there was anyone here that could help me I would really appreciate it.
If you are able to answer any of the questions below I will be very grateful.
Thank you for your time.

1.How long has the company been operating?
2.What is the organization's mission statement?
3.How many people are employed by the organization?
4.What are the benefits offered?
5.What be the job duties for an entry level position?
6.What is the company best known for?
7.Current ranking of company?
8.Any parent companies? If so, how many and names of companies?
10. Are there any products or services that are offered by company?
11.Are there any potential merger acquisitions and expansions plans for the company?