History - Did peasants ever steal from wealthy people?

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a poor farmer of low social status who owns or rents a small piece of land for cultivation (chiefly in historical use or with reference to subsistence farming in poorer countries).
"peasant farmers"
synonyms: agricultural worker, small farmer, rustic, son of the soil, countryman, countrywoman, farmhand, swain, villein, serf
an ignorant, rude, or unsophisticated person; a person of low social status.
"“That is a civilized drink, you peasant”"
synonyms: lout, boor, oaf, clown, churl, yokel, bumpkin, country bumpkin, village idiot, provincial, barbarian
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Farmers rarely stole from anybody. Unsophisticated persons usually did not have enough brains to steal anything except for shoplifting. Actual thieves tend to be somewhat educated and in good physical condition.

Perhaps you did not mean "peasants". Whatever you meant, the question is just too broad for a more specific answer.

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