I've done everything from just asking them to writing essays, but my father still says that I can't have one until i'm 18. He says that he doesn't want my other siblings to have one, and giving me one means that he has to do the same for them. My parents have said that I deserve it far more than my siblings do, but he doesn't want them to continue to ask (I understand that that is sort of what I am doing to him now) I haven't done anything to warrant not being able to have one. I get straight A's, participate in quite a few after school activities, and I never get in trouble. The part I do not understand is why my older sister received a cell phone when she was 13 (I am 16 right now). I've offered to pay for it myself and do more chores, but of course, he says no. Is there anything that I can do to change his mind at all?