I met someone online. I don't really know that much about him except that he is in his late 30s and he lives in the same city as me. We have been emailing back and forth since November. The thing is, this guy can act very weird sometimes which leads me to believe that he might have some kind of mental issue. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I would like some help to maybe confirm my theory. Whenever we talk I can say some things that are clearly jokes. But this guy always takes all my jokes very seriously. He thinks that I am a crazy and dangerous person because I joked about prostitution. Whenever I try to explain myself to him and when its obvious that I am in he right, he refuses to listen to me and insists that I am just making excuses and that I am lying to him. He never thinks he I s wrong about anything and he sees nothing wrong with the way he talks to me sometimes. He hates it when I am not staight forward with him and he always wants the truth from me. Even if I hint at something he gets super pissed off and demands that I tell him what I am hinting at because he doesn't seem to understand. He also thinks that an 18 year old girl, (which is my age) is suppose to have the same mental capacity and mentality as somone his age. He doesn't understand that an 18 year old girl doesn't know as much as he does and he expects me to know everything. He also thinks I lie a lot, which I don't. I say that I will try not to be passive or I’ll try and not do something but if I slip up and do it by accident he insists that I lied to him and i’ m "not sorry at all" for what I "did". Can someone please tell me if there is something wrong with his behaviour? I was thinking maybe he is a sociopath or he might be on the autism spectrum. Any thoughts, people?