I recently told my boyfriend that I was breaking up with him and also moving out to which he responded by destroying the house throwing whatever stuff of mine he could at the front door and threatening me. I was able to get out of their safely with more than half of my belongings...
We have the apartment under both of our names. And just last month I sent out the new lease and rent in which they had told me they never received. So I sent out a second check to pay rent. The landlord could of possibly gotten the first missing check and lease later on and just ripped it up and used the new check.
What is the best way to get out of a lease if they did receive it ?
My ex has threatened to throw the rest of my stuff away In which hell leave me no choice but to call the cops. I left him because he was verbally abusive and is on drugs.
Could I use this against him to break the lease and hopefully not get a termination penalty ?
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated