Ive never been in any kind of trouble at all. I’ve never been pulled over. I’ve never had any issues with the law.
I was driving my moms 2017 Chevy Cruze. It has no damage, and nothing missing. It’s a brand new car.
Anyways, I was sitting at a red light. I had to wait for all 3 other lights to change before mine would. No vehicles were behind me, and there was only one vehicle in the lane to my left. after waiting around 5 minutes for them all to change, it turned green and I drove straight. As soon as I pressed the gas, a cop swerved behind me from the left lane (which I didn’t even see) and got behind me. He followed me through the short intersection and about 20 more feet and turns on his blue lights. I pulled over. He got out, and I told him I didn’t have anybody ID on me because it was in my own vehicle. He asked for my social and ran my name. And also ran the tags. (He never stated why he pulled me over, and I didn’t ask because I didn’t think to. I’ve never been in that situation) he came back a few minutes later and told me there was no insurance on my moms car. He cited me with no insurance, not proving registration, not in possession of my drivers license, etc. (She doesn’t plan on getting any insurance.)