Well there's this kid. He's half black half mexican and he's a straight up hipster (if you don't know what it is search it up). Him being a hipster makes im look in a way somewhat "homosexual", but I know he's not, well at least I think he's not because he's in the school's football team, and he has a ton of guy friends. But every time he's with me he treats me a little different from his other friends. He would walk me to my next class, he would walk up to me when I'm alone walking to the place I get picked up and he says "I ditched my friends since I saw you walking here". I really want to ask him if he's into me or if he's a little bit homosexual, but I don't want that awkward moment where when if he says "no I'm not like that" or something close to it, he will not talk to me for like a long time. What should I do? and How do I know that he's in love with me or not? And I'm crushing on him back.
Oh and I never told him if I was gay or not, I just said that I had a lot of ex- girlfriends, which I did. So technically I never lied to him.