so i just ended school on may 23 and ive hade a huge crush one this guy in my class...i was new there. when school started like the first day, i met this boy and the class HAD to do a project(self project) so he helped his friend and i asked," whos is this?" and the guy i liked, clark said," his" and i looked at the other boy, benjamin, and later that week our teacher put us into assigned sats and i sat directly across from benjamin. i still liked clark a little then benjamin and i started talking to each other more and we had lots of stuff in common. then later in the school year like in november my friend lainey told me that benjamin told her that he liked me so in my mind i was like,"OMG!!! he likes me?!?!?!?!?" and the most best part was that theres this girl i dont really like and she likes him too and she knows that i like him and i know that she likes him so i told her and she was also like ,"OMG!!!" but then our art teacher started a yarn club and she and benjamin were in it and so was i and we got in a big fuss cuz benjamin stole a piece of candy from her binder and she got really mad and just HATED him so just to make her a little happier i said that i hated him too. which was HARD! then everyone heard the news and just 2 months ago i told my bffl, audra, that i still liked him even though i said i didnt and know im really not sure if benjamin still likes me or not and hes not coming back next year ,or at least thats what i heard, so idk if i should mail him a letter or ask my bffl if she could tell benjamin if she could ask if he still likes me... please help!!! (p.s in the middle of the school year i asked audra if she could do the same thing but eventually he found out i liked him so yeah...)