How do u make a your girlfriend happy?

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A Irish man was walking along a beach in England, when he found a bottle. He picked it up, pulled the cork & out came a gene who gave him 3 wishes in gratitude.
"Well he said, could you build me a bridge across the Irish sea so I can drive over to Dublin every Friday, to enjoy a true pint of Guinness in my favourite pub".
The Genie looked troubled and asked him if would reconsider as it would consume immense amount of the world's concrete, steel and would be a shipping hazard.
"Well" said the Irish "there is one thing"
"Go on name it", said the Genie, considerable relieved.
"How can I make my girlfriend happy?"
"Right" said the Genie, " how many traffic lanes do you want on this bridge"

Many a true word is said in jest, to make your girl friend happy depends on the person she is as we are all unique.
1.With this in mind, be both honest & yourself.
2.Only make promises you can keep
3.Keep her amused and just with in her comfort zone. That keeps her interested ,feeling safe with you and builds trust.

Good luck, if you find more share it please!

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