I don't like kid's activities. I hate cartoons and I hate how nonsensical their conversations are and we end up arguing because nothing they say is practical matures or serious. I hate the outdoors or humor .They ignore my lectures and play constant practical jokes on me and compare me to the in laws whom I don't get along with.
I am on a strict no sugar gluten free vegan diet so it is hard to find food options I can eat. I really don't like going places or doing anything fun . Because fun does not interest me.Most people insult my intelligence, so it is impossible to make friends

.My fiancé wants me to lighten up and learn how to smile but I don't know how .In my family we sat on the call all day and were not allowed to fidget or talk or got smacked and lectured.I tried read that book about winning friends and influencing people but it made no sense.