I have a boyfriend of 4 years and i wanna believe i love him and we gonna end up together. Not until a year ago when i moved job and met this guy from work who i became friends with. My boyfriend started being a psycho and jealous. It was too intense for me so i asked for a space not for anything else but i just wanna breath and figure things out if it's really worth staying in the relationship.

This guy from work started his moves when he heard that I broke up with my boyfriend. Eversince he's been vocal of saying he fancies me and he likes the way i talk, walk, dress up, etc. I went abroad for business with my work team and that includes him. On our first night out, we got drunk and he kissed me. It was really awkward as we both didnt want our officemates to know what happened. It went on when we got back to work. Apparently we became FWB. Noone from work got a clue what's goin on so it was a secret between me and him. I enjoy hanging out with him, come around his place and have sex with no strings attached. I get nervous when I'm with him. There's no other way you can label our lil game but being FWB.

After a few months, my ex-boyfriend got in touch with me basically to win me back. At the back of my head, i still wanna be with my ex but enjoy the company of my FWB better (I know it's too selfish of me to look at it that way but I do).

One night when I came around my FWB's place, he said to me "I love you". Just ignored it as I thought he was just kidding. And then he said, "sort your sh*t with him and then I wanna take you out". I got the impression that he wanna take it to the next level.

I am just too scared to gamble. A bit confuse what to do, Honestly I dont even know how to gauge who I love more. It's hard as I work with my FWB, I planned to just forget about him and get on with my life with my boyfriend. But I guess it's not the easiest situation really, is it?