This is so annoying! I have a golden retriever puppy (7 months old) and she sleeps in a crate at night one floor down from my room. I already know she is too young to leave alone during the day, but I explained that at night time it is different because she is asleep and won't chew stuff. I also know someone who has a golden retriever puppy (6 months) and she sleeps wherever she wants at night and there is no problem! I won't do it like that, but I wanted for my dog to sleep in my bed with the door closed so she can't leave the room if she did get up. My mom hasn't said yes but hasn't said no either. It's just so annoying because my Dad always makes the descision and we have to deal with it, I just want to show him that I can do it and nothing will go wrong! He says it un hygenic, and she will ruin the bed but I know she won't! He won't even give me a chance to try it out! I would just do it but I don't want to risk getting grounded or something, but I haven't got grounded for 7 years through. Please help?? I feel like she is sad and I really want to bond with her and make her feel loved, even more!!!! My dream is to sleep with her and make her feel loved and happy! Please try your best to give suggestions???