I am 27 years and a few months old. I have an IT engineer degree and currently I have been working with Helpdesk support for 10 months, which is my first work experience. I feel that I am working in something that doesn't suit my aspirations nor the value of the degree that I obtained, but I was forced to do so by virtue of the fact that I was only studying for the sake of obtaining the certificate and didn't develop myself technically and didn't have sufficient knowledge of the labor market and its requirements.
I don't like the country in which I live and I don't see that I can fulfill my ambitions and dreams in it. Also, by virtue of the prevailing mentality and way of living that doesn't suit me. My dream is to travel and leave the country and the field in which I specialize will entitle me to that, but I don't have the sufficient experience and the necessary competence at present. Every day after returning from work I try to improve my technical skills (I take courses in web and mobile development). The problem is that I haven't made any progress in any area that I am trying to focus on, and I don't find enough enthusiasm to achieve my goals. I feel that my daily life consumes my time and keeps me away from my ambitions. I started to fuse into the details of my daily life, as it takes a large part of my thinking. I feel that I am focused with trivialities instead of my dreams.