I am 18 years old. I have been taking meds for about four years now. I started off with vyvance and stayed on it for about 3 years. It got to a point where it was not working no more. Then they per scribed my concerta 36 mg in the morning and another in the afternoon. This worked for a while till I started having issues sleeping. I just got put on only 1 36 mg of concerta in the morning stacked with 30 mg of Ritalin. Then later about 1 ish I take 20mg of Ritalin again. Well this started working fine but I started having sleeping problems. I stopped taking the second dose of Ritalin so I can sleep. I have been sleeping better. However, I have been mentally fatigued for the past three months. I am sleeping good and sleeping for about 8-9 hrs. Idk what to do. I am not physically fatigued, just mentally. I eat really good and I am a work out nut. And this is the catch. I am not always mentally fatigued. One minute I will be great, I study really good, no joke. I feel like good will hunting. But then 10 minutes later I will be so mentally fatigued, I can't concentrate on anything. I feel like a idiot!!! It is very confusing and discouraging. I am doing duel enrollment so I have a lot of things I need to concentrate on. I need help with this. Thank you