Hello. I just today got a new long haired Syrian hamster it is the first hamster I have ever had. It is a girl I do not know if that has to do with anything but, she was according to the lady at the store "Very well tamed" already before we had even got her when he took her home we got her on a seed based diet and she was eating right off the bat we got her a make shift hut that she would borrow in and sleep (I have only had her for a couple of hours so idk why im so worried) shes gone and and on top on her wheel and climbs her cage ALOT. (we keep her in the kitchen) I am sort of a night owl and do not sleep much anyways so should I put her in my room. She is about 4 months old kinda big eats well and is very active around me I have seen many things but I need to know when can I start to "tame" her and since she was already kind of tamed can I start on the second or third day please tell me because I am very new to this.