I am so dependent on my mother.

I cannot cook, clean or do laundry. I cannot drive, and have never taken a bus or train. I don't know how to do ANY of these things. The thing is, I'm 32. I should know how to do all these things. But my mum has just always done everything for me because she loves me so much. I worry if something were to happen to her, would I be able to take care of myself? I have NO other family, friends or S/o.

It worries me constantly. Then today my mum just received the worst news to her test results today. I don't want to say what they said she has but it begins with a 'C.' Please be kind to me in your comments. I'm very vulnerable right now. Very upset, in a state of shock, and I feel scared. Really scared. I need some words of encouragement right now. She will be getting further tests this week.