How will you know if a 5th grade girl likes you?

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You never will know unless she tells you or she tells a friend and that friend tells you if you here it like as a rumor have hope but don't be absolutely sure because remember its a rumor.

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if she does will she tell me

no she won't tell you

what if she tells you she likes you ?

Ok cool guy, and the other two IF SHE TELLS YOU SHE LIKES YOU IT JUT MEANS SHE LIKE YOU SIMPLE!!! AND YES SHE WILL TELL THE GUY. Depends on the girl....if she shy she won't tell you!!

You would have to be smarter than a 5th grader lol!!!

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what if i'm not smarter than a 5th grader

how do you know if a girl likes you ?

i just got a gf on friday i 5th grade and i need to find her a christmas present

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get her some pretty jewlrey

get her a necklace,ring, or a bracelet

its time for me to leave her.i gotta move on.seriously.because im moving to another really close city.dont think im never gonna see her.maybe.Beatrice Vasquez.She doesnt know who is commenting so sorry beatrice.

I'm a 5th grade girl and u know a 5th grade girl likes u if they:
Look at u
Talk to u
Try to be around u
Smile at u
Bit their lips when they r near u
Help u
Please tell me how to know if a 5th grade boy likes u.

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I'm in 5th grade too, and a boy problaby would like you when he shows you something he wouldn't to a friend.

are you hot, sexy, pretty or ugly

I bet annagirls pretty

I would say if you catch him staring at you or he trys to be around you

tip for boys my gf told me girls go crazy for singers like ''justin beiber''

Theyll act nervous around u, and they will be trying to kinda edge closer to u. Act seductive. like,

well most likely the boy will:
try to be around u
talk 2 u
stare at u
be causual

I've read a lot of articles on this subject (forever alone) and most of them
say the opposite of that

my whole class are friends.but most boys like pokemon,[i hate it].and also some like mario bros.mostly yoshi the dinosaur.i know she likes me.i hope we see again...but i started liking her after some dream.she was my last partner for school.awesome.i want the game mario and luigi dream team.people say she doesnt like me becase i hate vegetables.scared if she hates me.always looking at her:]

I'm a fifth grade boy and if you're pretty, that would be all some guys want, but some guys want you to be other things too like smart, athletic, nice, helpful, or caring (not all of those just some) and if you have tons of those then you have a pretty good chance, like this one girl in my class is pretty much all of those and me and my friend both like her, and probably other boys too.

If he does the same exact thing oh also if his friends laugh when you talk to him he likes you

Well, I am a 5th grade boy and u know if a boy likes u if they:
Try to be around u
Start a conversation with u
smile and wave at u
help u
stare at you

and thank you for your post because I now know who likes me and luckily, that's the person I like.

My question is how do you tell the person you like that you like them?

Heyyy you tell them girl!!! I'm also a 5th grade girl and it true very but how to know a 5th grade boy likes you is the big question here????!!! And I had not idea boys talk about girls like this!!!:/

i'm a fifth grade boy 2 know.if he lkes u he'll follow u n try 2 talk 2 u. or try'n sit near u places.

how a 5th grade boy likes you (this is just for me, and I am very outgoing so this is how you know a boy that is outgoing tells you) he will:

probably tell you
try to be near you (but casually, not like totally just following you)
be nice to you
hang out with your friends
sit near/next to you if they can.
hope this helps!

He probably likes you if he's acts weired around you or looks at u a lot

I'm a 5th grade boy 6th grade in less then a month and to can tell if a boy likes you. when there nervous around, you talk to you alot just are nice to you in general that's when you can tell a boy likes you when the try to be your friend that's when a boy likes you

I'm a fifth grade boy and u will know if a boy likes u when
Look at u then glances away
Tries to avoid u
Get really nervous and act unlike themselves
Tries to think up something random to talk to his friends while u r around
And thats pretty much it

if she difends u from her friends when they insult u

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that's pretty much what I do w/ my crush...

Hi I'm fifth gade girl, and sometimes if a girl likes
You and she wants to tell you that. She mite
walk toward you and then walk away.
That shows you that she likes you and if she makes
fun of you for example calls you a douse bag
or a hobo. Lots more names! And now for a question
for you boys what's with you always being mean to girls I got called a horse
If that's your way of showing you like a girl your not going to get a girlfriend.

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i know,but im really dream job is an artist,adventurer, mystery solver,and inventer.if you like this comment then you like me.that goes for us boys too,okay?ha,just kidding:]

im a 5th grade girl and if a girl likes you they will find a way to be close to you and laugh at your jokes

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what a coincidence!she loves my entire right now childhood is jokes and art!

Well i have a crush on a boy in the 5 th grade in marvin ward . So dont dress nice well you can but he wont notice just act yourself dont give your friends know because i did and i think he knows now his name starts with mari he is in ag if you read this and know now it just that i like you for your humor you always make me laugh:D

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Sorry mesed up dont tell ur friend

Well she'll
Look at you straight in the eyes
Just randomly smiles whenever she's around you
Say stuff random
Looks at you in class
Stand by you in line
Ask you to go to her party
Talks about stuff you have in commen

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we might not both be in love,but most 5th grade girls in my school like animal things,[like dogs].or cats.some like the white dog snoopy.Classics...thats it!

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I'm sorry to a lot of girls. I'm a guy in 6th grade and I don't know why most of them r so rude and disgusting. But if you want to know I think I know why. Read closely.
Sometimes they do it because they get fiscal contact with u. trust me they Love physical contact. The urge to resist to hug or put their arm around you is intolerable. Whenever I'm around the girl I like. Brooke. It kills me. Plus guys learn about certain things, if you know what I mean before girls and there always making disgusting jokes and laughing at them like crazy pigs. I'm sorry and girls I hoped I answered ur questions about this.

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