Im 25 and I live in a state where medicinal marijuana ( smoking it) is illegal. But ik it helps because it helps my thinkinh slow down and I can focus on one thinh at a time and focus fully on it. Not to mention the voices in my head are much fartger gone when couplef with my mefs. Seroquel 150 mg xr and like 1k shot of invega stassis. I want to gey off the shot and just smoke weedm and like I dont smoke ridiculus amounts only till im good. I dont smone q lot hahavbut it helps.. but yeam what can me abd my triends do to get recognition in the state to begin the process of state lwgalization. If even at least for medicinal. Then I wont go to jail for taking my required medicine.. yhanks ! Peace xD oh and ps this is on my fone so dont mind the mispelling xP