Human rights- should they be viewed as universal or culturally relative?

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One idea we have is we are responsible for each other.
Yet when someone is told to grow up and go back to school they throw the book away, as if they know how to do all.
All is an incredible ability.
Most will die as they try to seek all.
We need to understand one thing we are NOT cultural relative to exist.
A universal right is unknown as yet.
Then the question is what sort of human are you.
The right to bear arms. The right to torment others. The right to rescue others stuck in a bog ready to die. There are no heros or the victims go off one by one.
Enjoy life. Make yours better and drag someone along, or find someone who seeks to be your own equal.

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Nobody knows what rights are, but they are willing to die for them. You would think people would grow a brain and figure out what they are talking about, but they usually don't.

Right means straight up, square, correct, the strong arm, a legal privilege. The common meaning to all those things is strength. You have a right to life, but only if you are strong enough to cling to it. You have a right to the space you occupy, but only if you are strong enough to defend it. You have a right to own property, but only if you can guard it from all attackers. You may obtain the services of a champion to defend your rights, or create a government for that purpose, but of course the champion's loyalty might become a concern, and governments always eventually renege on the contract.

Does that makes sense? No? Then why argue about it?

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