My husband and I just got married.
I am an introvert and he is an extrovert.
He can go all day without being tired or running out of energy. He thrives on being social and being out of the house. He works during the day, and he also has a part time job where he works twice a week in the evenings. On some of the evenings that he has off, he wants to make plans to hang with his buddies.

I don't have much energy and I thrive on being home in the evenings to "recharge" and feel peace and comfort. I have a tough job and at the end of the day I like being home to accomplish things around the house or just watch a movie and relax.

He and I have clashed over this many times.
He wants to go out and I want to stay in.
I miss my husband and I feel like he is never home. When he is not at work,
He is wanting to go out with his friends.
We do things together on the weekends. But during the week I feel like I don't see him much.
I have talked with him about this and he has just responded by saying that he feels like he is being pressured into staying home and that he can't see his friends anymore. I am not saying that, but I wish he did spend more time at home.
Any ideas on how to remedy this situation?