I’m desperately looking for the titles of a cartoon movie I loved when I was a kid. I’ve googled it hours on end to no avail please help.
This is what I know:
- it was a cartoon
- it was in English
- it was in color
-most likely made before 2005, probably in the 90s if I had to guess (it was a VHS)
- I don’t believe it was a big name brand production (not Disney or dreamworks, etc)
- the characters were all talking animals (fully clothed, not that weird shirt but no pants thing)
- the main guy was a pirate (my heart wants to say his name was sinbad) his right hand man was a fox, their other pirate friend was a little bear (there was a full crew but I don’t remember any of them)
- the main characters love interest was a princess, I believe her name was Mariana and she could have been a lion. Lady Marianas best friend was a fox who fell in love with the main characters best friend
- the bad guy was a big grey/black fat cat

-okay strange addition, although I was young when I watched this, part of me wants to say the name of this movie was sinbad. But I feel like if that were true it would be much easier to find.

-also, I’m open to the idea that this could have possibly even been a short tv series. seeing as it was on vhs I wouldn’t have noticed this as a child