... recently started saying, “I love you.” My issue is that his profession is p!mpin! He has never tried to make me go on dates and says he doesn't want me involved in that life. He’s never asked me for anything, I even offered to pay for his food a handful of times and he wouldn’t let me LOL. He is saying his girls are paying for his clothes and stuff, so he doesn’t want to take my money. I have trust issues and don’t know if he is telling me the truth about his females. He told me he only messes with squares like me, but about a couple of weeks ago I did him a favor by driving him to pick up one of his girls from the bus station. Before she came in he was telling me repeatedly to not take what he was about to do to heart, and telling me he loves me. He said that he had to hop in the backseat so his female would feel comfortable, otherwise he said she would feel suspicious and think that something is going on between us which he thinks would mess up his money. During the drive, it was very uncomfortable for me regardless of everything he was telling me. He was in the backseat all cuddled up and holding hands with the girl. I already have trust issues from my past relationship and that sparked a lot more questions like if he can act like this in front of me with his female, then how does he act when I’m not around? It's weird to me because he’ll be on the phone with his girls and be calling them “ma” and “love” some things that he would say to me and be acting cool with them most of the time, but when he gets off he is telling me “I hate dealing with these females,” and “ I don’t like being around them.” Like he’s able to switch up real quick. He has shared a lot about his profession. He told me that few of these girls wanted to date him, but he mentioned that again he only messes with squares. I care about him and invested so much time and energy, but I have my concerns if he’s being real and if he is doing more with these females than he puts on. Is he being intimate with his girls?