... and i was unconscious..... so they took off ma clothes and wanted to hav it with me....i mean i didnt want to..im only 12... n i wanna teach them a lesson they wont forget..my parents,skool,friends and families dont know about this....it was crazy...i mean i was forced to kiss a girl when i was 9 coz they were boys around me holding knives so i jst had to do watever they told me to.. but i am a very shot tempered guy n i really wanna kill them but i wont..thats why if u read some of the answers that i have answered for others im quiet open about it...anywayz i need to teach them a very bad lesson without letting others know about it...PLIZ... they r also planning to have sex with me again next saturday...:(... even if i try to hide...they`ll get me..not right away but in skool..and if ur thinkng to tell the teachers about it..then forget it bcoz..im gonna get killed if i do...this is like a police case..LoL..Long question...NoT actually one