I broke their trust a few times....ok alot....All i want is to prove to them that im ifferent. befor i didnt even trust myself..now i do. in the last few months i wet through alot of changes in my life...and my parents DO see how im changing....they comment on it everyday..... but they still dont trust me....and everytime things start going back to normal...something happens or my mom finds out about somethinf tht happened in the past and i have to go allll the way back to square 1. Its not easy being a teenager...and ik that parents hav it worse... But hear me out...is there anything i could do/say to make them believe that i REALLY HAVE CHANGED my ways? I even discussed this with my parents before...many times...they say that i need to earn it...that i'm getting there...that i need to be patient...its been 4 and 1/2 years since i had their full trust...its driving me crazy! How can they say im not patient?!?!?! I mean...i dont even have a door anymore!!!! I just need some advice on this.... soneone here me out